Why Is This $47 Monocular Better Than $3000 Telescopes?

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Update: Since going viral online, Starscope has sold out 2x this year. Their current supply is flying off the shelf!
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Why Is This Handheld Monocular Better Than $3000 Telescopes? It Fits In Your Pocket and Has Military Grade Zoom

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Use this pocket monocular to take top of the line pro quality photos. Why? It costs way less than telescopes and lenses.

Want the zoom but don't want to pay the big bucks for it?

A new monocular hit the market that may be what you need. Want huge zoom at a tiny size and price? Then this is the most important thing you will ever read.

What Is This?

It is the Starscope Monocular. A monocular is like a pair of binoculars, but for one eye. That means it is MUCH smaller but the zoom is still amazing! It has the quality of a huge telescope, but it fits in your pocket. It is tough so it can handle the outdoors and harsh conditions.

While a huge $3000 telescope has great features, it is too big to bring with you.

The Problem With Big Telescopes & Binoculars

I thought big telescopes and binoculars were the best thing to get for great zoom. But the best thing is something you bring with you all the time. Sure you can still bring binoculars with you. But you have to hang them on your neck all the time (which sucks for hiking). Or you need a backpack or bag to carry it.

I don't know about you, but I don't always want to carry a bag around with me. That is why I got excited when I found out about Starscope Monocular. At last, something with great zoom that you can fit in your pocket! Ever since getting my Starscope Monocular, I never miss a great shot for my photos. Why? Because I always have Starscope in my jacket pocket!

Say Goodbye To Pricy DSLR Cameras

Forget spending thousands of your hard earned money on a DSLR camera. All you need for pro quality photos is your phone camera and Starscope. How is this possible? There is a clip for Starscope that fits on your phone. It boosts the zoom power of your phone like a $1000 high zoom lens for a camera.

It is very easy to get crisp and clear photos and videos from far away. Just clip the Starscope on your phone. Some users have even won photo contests using this exact setup!

What Makes Starscope So Good?

What it offers is leaving the whole industry in shock. How can something so small have so much? And for so little cost? Jealous brands want to know how Starscope has top features such as...


Get 10 times closer to all the action and enjoy the stunning clarity that usually only comes with lenses that cost thousands of dollars.
Get crystal-clear 10X magnification without spending thousands of dollars.


Scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, shock-absorbing, fog- and dust-proof, strong and built to last. It also includes an anti-skid frosted sure-grip design.


Just hold it to your camera lens! For even greater control, you’ll want to use the Starscope Phone Clip. It connects almost any smartphone with the monocular for fantastic mobile zoom photography.


You’ll always have it with you wherever you are and you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience that comes with lugging around expensive, oversized photography gear.


Designed with a handy diopter eyepiece that’s perfect for anyone, but especially for those who wear eyeglasses.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Guaranteed Safe and Secure Checkout
No-Hassle Returns
Fast Shipping

Those are the key details, but there is even more than that! Point is, this thing is TOP QUALITY.

Military Grade and Crystal Clear Images Like Never Seen Before

One thing that I like is the BAK4 prism type, also called Barium Crown glass. I found out a good prism type is what makes images look more clear. My $600 set of binoculars only has BK7, which is not even as good!

"The materials that the prisms are made of greatly impact image quality. BAK4, or Barium Crown glass, is considered the best type of prism material. BK7 glass is arguably the most widely used material for binoculars. While it may be of slightly lower quality than BAK4, it is still optical glass, which means it has excellent light-transmission properties and a limited number of internal imperfections." - B & H Photo Video1

This is the main reason why Starscope has such a clear image. My $600 binoculars are like a 1080p TV. My Starscope is like a 4k TV. What I mean is Starscope has a much more clear and crisp image.

And it is also Military Grade. The phrase “military grade” is used to describe equipment that’s been built to meet the extreme durability requirements of the US Military.

Military Grade equipment must be able to reliably perform no matter what the environment, whether that be the scorching hot deserts of the Middle East, the humid tropics of Southeast Asia, or the extreme cold fronts of the Arctic Region.

Made from advanced, scratch-resistant polymers to protect it from external damage, the Starscope Monocular features a secure, slip-free surface that helps you keep a solid grip on it at all times!

Thousands of Others are Trying the Starscope Monocular

This genius device became a bestseller soon after it was launched, and it’s no secret why! Check below some users reviews available online:
Jack L. (Verified Buyer)

“Totally recommend the Starscope Monocular for any wildlife enthusiast or world traveler. Took this photo with the Starscope Monocular lens... won 1st place in the 10th Annual PX3 Competition."

Laurel B. (Verified Buyer)

“My Instagram followers love my new addiction to Starscope Monocular. This epic lens transformed my phone to a professional telescope instantly! #zoomaddict #StarscopeMonocularLens”

" as advertised"
"The Starscope Monocular is absolutely fabulous! I love hiking but I hate having to lug my photography gear with me. Now, I can take tons of photos just by clipping the Starscope onto my smartphone!"
Greg H. - San Diego, CA
"greatest buy!"
"I am very happy to get it. It has high definition, the image is very very clear. This monocular is very well made and easy to use. The pictures and videos get like pro!!"
Cesar M. - Calcary, CAN
"perfect gift"
"The Starscope monocular is just what my husband wanted. It works really well"
Susy S. - Minneapolis  MN

If Starscope Is This Good, How Is It So Cheap?

Starscope is so good that when I saw the price, I did not trust it. How could it be so good, but have such a low price? That is when I looked in to the Starscope company. What I found made sense and made me trust it again. This startup is making a smart move. Online sales are up and retail store sales are down. So Starscope is only sold online.

They also do not advertise. They just let the word get out from their happy users (like me). All this means they have way less costs than big brands. Big brands have big costs that drive up their prices for us. Costs for ads, retail stores and more.

This made it clear how Starscope has such a low price. With such little costs, they can afford to offer a low price.

When Should I Get My Starscope?

The best time to get your Starscope is now. Why? They have a start up promo to get people talking about them.

There is one problem though.

This deal will not last for long. In fact, as we speak, Starscope is getting more popular. This means their start up promo will end soon and go up to full price.

How Much Is Starscope Today?

As of today, Starscope is still on sale. The full price is around $95, but they lowered it to $79.99. But, since they are doing great so far, it is even lower now! I reached out to Starscope. They gave me a great discount to share with my readers.

Today, you can get Starscope for only $47! That is a full 50% off but trust me when I say this will not last long at all.

There is one other problem.

This thing is selling like crazy, so it could run out at any time. I suggest picking yours up right now. Especially if you want to save 62% off the price.

Based On Your Feedback

This article is getting very popular. I have gotten a few questions I would like to answer here.

  • Does Starscope work with my cell phone?

    Yes, the clip for Starscope fits on almost any phone.

  • Can I use Starscope without a phone?

    Yes, you can use it for many other things. People use it for sight seeing and watching events. It is also used for exploring, hiking and hunting.

  • Is Starscope a US company?

    Yes, Starscope is a US company. Orders ship out the same day or the next day from their US warehouse. All orders ship express so you get it quick.

  • Where should I get my Starscope?

    Starscope is only on their site. They only sell direct to consumer. You will not find them anywhere else.They are not on Amazon, eBay or in stores.

  • Can I get a refund on my Starscope?
    Yes, Starscope has a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you decide you do not want your Starscope, they will give you a refund. The customer service team is very friendly and supportive.

Claim Your 62% Discount Today (If It Is Still Available)

I test a lot of products and very few make the cut. Starscope has made the cut. It is a great monocular at an even greater price.
To get your 62% Discount on Starscope, go to their official website here.

Note: Starscope is only sold on their official website. All US orders ship from their US warehouse. All orders have fast shipping so you get it delivered quickly.

Thu Oct 07 2021 15:57:54 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)Update: Because of the global supply chain crisis, Starscope has sold out 2x this year. Their current supply is flying off the shelf, specially since their limited-time offer got popular!
Get yours before it's too late.
*Important: If you want to get the 62% discount, you must order now before the discount ends. Stock may run out at any time.
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